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Regulations Governing Compensation for Damages Caused by Governmental Usage and Clearance of Casualty Mines CH

Announced Date: 2019-09-30
1. On August 16, the Republic of China, the Ministry of National Defense created the No. 0960000577
   Full text of 11 articles; and implemented on June 16, 2006.
2. Order No. 1080000258 of the National Regulations Committee of the Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of China on September 30, 2019
   Amendment to issue Article 7.
Article 7
The compensation base standards of disability or death are as follows:
Paragraph disability:
Subparagraph 1 First level:one million NT dollars.
Subparagraph 2 Second level:thirty-five hundred thousand NT dollars.
Subparagraph 3 Third level:fifteen hundred thousand NT dollars.
Subparagraph 4 Major functional disability:one hundred thousand NT dollars.
Subparagraph 5 Minor functional disability:fifty thousand NT dollars.

Article 11
These Regulations shall be enforced on the date of its implementation.
The amendments of these regulations will be put into practice from the promulgation date

Paragraph death:one and a half million NT dollars.
The level of the first item aforementioned compensation for disabilities should be processed according to the injured conditions at the time of application along with servicemen disability categories by either public or military hospitals.