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Laws & Regulations Database of The Republic of China (Taiwan)

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Fee-charging Standards for the Cleaning and Maintenance of the Scenic Areas Managed by East Coast National Scenic Area Headquarters, Tourism Administration, Ministry of Transportation and Communications CH

Announced Date: 2023-12-19
1.Promulgated on Nov. 1st, 2013
2.Amended on Dec. 28, 2017
3.Amended on May 18, 2018
4.Amended on Dec. 19, 2023
Article 1 These Standards are enacted in accordance with Subparagraph 2, Paragraph 1, Article 10 of the Charges and Fees Act.
Article 2 The scenic spots within the jurisdiction of this Headquarters for which entry fees are charged, and the fee standards, are shown in the attached chart.
Article 3 These Standards shall take effect on the date of promulgation.
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