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Title: Genetic Health Act CH
Category: Ministry of Health and Welfare(衛生福利部)
Article 10
A married man or woman may, on his/her own accord and subject to his/her spouse’s consent, receive ligation, provided that ligation may be imposed straight on his/her own accord if anyone of the following conditions founded through diagnosis or certification:
1. She/he or her/his spouse acquires genetic, infectious or psychiatric disease detrimental to reproductive health.
2. Anyone within the fourth degree of kin relative of herself/himself or her/his spouse acquires a genetic disease detrimental to reproductive health.
3. Her or His wife’s pregnancy or delivery is endangering the mother’s health.
An unmarried man and woman meeting any one under provision above may receive sterilization straight on his/her accord; an unmarried minor or a person under guardianship or assistance shall be subject to consent from his/her statutory agent or assistant before receiving.
The requirement for spouse’s consent as set forth in paragraph 1 above may be dispensed with if his/her spouse is missing, where about unknown, becomes unconscious or deranded.
For judgement of sterilization requirements set forth in section 1, the central level competent authorities, when necessary, may have the Genetic Advisory Committee research and review to establish standards and have them publicly announced.