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Article 13
Where a foreign professional who engages in professional work in the State, or a foreign specialist professional who has obtained an Alien Resident Certificate under paragraph 2 of Article 8 or an Employment Gold Card under Article 9, before the term of their residency or Employment Gold Card expires, still has a need to reside, they and their spouse,minor children, or children having reached the age of majority or above who lack self-care ability due to physical or mental disability, may apply to the NIA for an extension of residency.
Where an application for extension of residency as referred to in the preceding paragraph is approved, and an Alien Resident Certificate issued, the Alien Resident Certificate shall be for a term of six months starting from the next day following the expiry of the original Alien Resident Certificate or Employment Gold Card; if needed, before the extension expires, they may apply again for one further extension, for a total extension of residency up to a maximum of one year.