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Article 1
The Regulations are stipulated in accordance with Paragraph 2 of Article 34-3 of Radio and Television Act, and Paragraph 2 of Article 33 of Satellite Broadcasting Act.
Article 2
The terms used in the Regulations shall be defined as follows:
1.Television Business: refers to a terrestrial television business, satellite broadcasting business, foreign broadcasting business, and other type of channel and program supply business.
2.Title Sponsorship: refers to a program entitled with the name, logo, trademark, brand or attached pattern of the sponsor’s product, service, business / enterprise, agency (institution), group or person.
3.Sports Event Program: refers to programs of different sports events.
4.Art and Cultural Event Program: refers to programs of art and cultural events.
5.News Program: refers to current affairs, critiques or other forms of programs based on facts.
6.Current affairs program: refers to all types of contents based on current events.
7.Children’s Program: refers to programs produced for people below the age of twelve.