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Title: Public Television Act CH
Category: Ministry of Culture(文化部)
Chapter IV Program Production and Broadcast
Article 36
Program production and broadcasting shall:
1. raise citizens' cultural standards and promote national educational and cultural development;
2. maintain diversity and a balance of different types of programs;
3. ensure objectivity and fairness, and offer opportunities for fair participation and expression of opinions to the public and different groups;
4. respect personal reputations and protect the right of privacy;
5. vigorously provide programs that are suitable for viewing by children, juveniles, women, and the elderly, and which are beneficial to their mental and physical development and health;
6. refrain from commenting on lawsuits that are under investigation or trial, or judicial personnel handling the cases or the parties involved; or reporting the debate of lawsuits that are prohibited from being open to the public;
7. make no political or religious publicity for any political party or religious group; and
8. refrain from violating the law, disrupting public order, or adversely affecting good social customs.
Article 37
News programming shall:
1. be clearly distinguished from commentaries and include no personal views of the reporter;
2. be accurate, objective, and fair; not distort or conceal important facts, or influence the viewers' judgment through suggestive means; and
3. include information on important international, national, and local events.
Article 38
Chinese subtitles shall be added to foreign-language programs broadcast in the original language.
Educational, information, and recreational programming shall take into consideration the needs of different linguistic groups and those with hearing and/or visual impairments. Regional dialect educational programming shall be suitably provided.
Local drama, cultural, and arts programming shall be produced and broadcast in the local dialect to express their special characteristics, and Chinese subtitles shall be added.
PTS shall provide subtitle-decoding signals for selection by the audience.
An appropriate amount of news programming shall be broadcast in the foreign language in order to meet the requirements of globalization.
Article 39
The name of the program producer shall be listed at the end of each program transmission.
Article 40
Public television may not broadcast programs that are unsuitable for viewing by children and juveniles at any time. At least half an hour each of programming for children and juveniles shall be scheduled between 17:00 and 20:00 hours daily from Monday through Friday. At least one hour each of programming for children and juveniles shall be broadcast on weekends and holidays, in time slots determined by PTS according to the daily routine of the children and juveniles.
Article 41
PTS may not broadcast commercial advertisements, but the name of the sponsor may be noted at the end of program planned and produced by the station.
Article 42
PTS program tapes shall be preserved for at least one year for reference.
PTS shall establish a library for long-term collection and preservation of outstanding videotaped programs that shall be made available for public viewing.
The board of directors shall prescribe the regulations governing the organization of the library and management of the videotaped programs mentioned in the preceding paragraph.