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Title: Environmental Agents Control Act CH
Category: Environmental Protection Administration(行政院環境保護署)
Chapter 6 Supplementary Provisions
Article 55
After an enterprise’s permit or license has been revoked or canceled, that enterprise may not re-apply for the same permit or license within one year, and may not re-apply to use the product items on its original permit within two years.
Article 56
The central competent authority shall determine the standards of fees collected by competent authorities at all levels pursuant to this Act.
Article 57
Standard testing methods for environmental agents shall conform to national standards when national standards exist. The central competent authority shall officially announce standard testing methods when no relevant national standards exist.
Article 58
The improvement period may not exceed 30 days then an enterprise has been notified to make improvements within a limited period pursuant to this Act. Those unable to complete improvements by the improvement deadline due to natural disaster or other force majeure shall, within 15 days after the reason ends, apply to the competent authority for the approval of an improvement deadline by submitting a written explanation of cause and relevant information.
Article 59
The central competent authority shall determine the enforcement rules of this Act.
Article 60
This Act shall take effect on the date of promulgation.