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Chapter IV Insurance Benefit Payments
Section 3 Injury or Sickness Benefits
Article 57
When applying for the payments of injury or sickness benefits in accordance with Article 33 or 34 of the Act, the following documents must be prepared:
1.Injury or sickness benefits application form and payment Receipt.
2.Written medical diagnosis of the injury or sickness. In the event that hospitalization is required, the documents prepared and issued by the hospitals concerned which contain the names of the injury or sickness and the dates of hospitalization and discharge can be served as substitutes.
Instead of the “Written Medical Diagnosis of the Injury or Sickness” referred to in Subparagraph 2 of the preceding paragraph, the applicant may alternatively provide a certifying document issued by the hospital or clinic where he/she receives the medical treatment, carrying the name of the injury or sickness, the period of medical service and other details.
Those who suffer from pneumoconiosis should submit their certificate of diagnosis for pneumoconiosis, a form stating previous work experience in dusty workplaces, and relevant imaging tests when claiming Occupational Disease Compensation for the first time. However, it is not necessary to submit these documents if the insurer confirms that the employee has previously been hospitalized due to pneumoconiosis.
Article 58
A term for the insured persons to apply for the payments of injury or sickness benefits is set at every fifteen days and the applications shall be made starting from the next day of the end of the term; if the period is les than fifteen days, the applications shall be made starting from the next day after the insured persons are discharged from the hospital or the treatment for the occupational injuries or diseases are terminated.