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Chapter Ⅵ Finance
Article 25
The “consent of its members” referred to Paragraph 3 to Article 28 of the Act indicates one of the following situations:
1. Consent of individual member.
2. Resolution of the general meeting of members or member representatives.
3. Provision in the labor union charter.
4. Clause in the collective agreement.
5. Agreement or customary practice to check-off dues between the labor union and the employer.
If any one of the situations referred to subparagraphs of the preceding paragraph had existed between the labor union and the employer before the Act becoming effective on May 1, 2011, no consent shall be acquired again.
With the consent of individual members, and a contract or a collective agreement between an industrial labor union or a professional labor union and the employer contains a due check-off clause, the employer shall deduct due from an employee’s wages and transfer it to the labor union.
Article 26
The payment of the regular dues may be deducted and transferred in lump sum by an employer to the labor union according to total amount of the agreed-upon members’ monthly wages. Members disagreed with due check-off shall declare their own monthly wages and pay their dues themselves to the labor union.
A labor union may set up its own initiation fees or regular dues classification table in its own union charter in accordance with Article 28 of the Act.
Article 27
The term “transfer” as referred to in Paragraph 3 to Article 28 of the Act and Paragraph 1 to Article 26 of the Rules denotes to deliver the payment directly to the labor union or wire it to an account set up by a labor union in its own name.
Article 28
When union members or member representatives request to audit the financial situations of the labor union, they shall file in writing.
When proceeding to audit the financial situations of the labor union in accordance with the preceding paragraph they shall be accompanied by a supervisor. If the labor union has a board of supervisors, the supervisor shall be designated by the board in accordance with Paragraph 3 to Article 18 of the Act.