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Chapter 5 Annex
Article 31
Compensations specified under Paragraph 1of Article 40 of the Statute are borne in the following manners:
1.For the compensation specified in Item 1, the amount thereof is totally borne by the special municipal city, county (city) competent authorities.
2.For the compensation specified in Items 2 to 6, one-half (1/2) of the amount thereof is borne by the special municipal city, county (city) competent authorities, while the other half (1/2) is subsidized by the central competent authority upon the application tendered. When there is a serious outbreaks of an infectious animal disease, the financial support of central competent authority may exceed the limit of one-half (1/2).
Article 32
The municipal or county (city) competent authority shall prepare a forthwith report on information about infectious animal diseases which have occurred and submit it to the central competent authority.
Article 33
Format of forms, charts, records, certificates, and documentary proofs specified in the Statute and the Enforcement Rules are determined by the central competent authority or the import/export animal quarantine authority.
Article 34
These Enforcement Rules comes into effect on the date of promulgation.