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Chapter 1 General
Article 1
These Rules are enacted pursuant to Article 47 of the Statute on Prevention and Control of Infectious Animal Diseases (hereinafter referred to as “the Statute”)
Article 2
The term “other commodities which are likely to spread pathogens of infectious animal diseases” as used in Article 5 of the Statute refers to commodities including bees, fodder, feed, pathogens, vaccines, blood serum, biological preparations, animal diseased specimens, left-over food from aircraft and vessels on international routes, animal excretions, as well as packing materials and utensils of quarantine objects.
Article 3
The number of animal disease control personnel, as specified in Paragraph 1 of Article 8 of the Statute, are determined by every level of the competent authority taking into consideration the number of livestock raised in the jurisdiction and the local environment.
Article 4
“The person concerned” as used in Article 9 of the Statute refers to the keeper, feeding manager, trustee of the place where animals are kept, or the captain of a shipping vessel, airplane or the master (or those acting on their behalf) of a transporting vehicle and any other person who actually takes care of animals.
Article 5
“The authorities concerned” as used in Article 10 of the Statute refers to authorities for the management of animal raising, transportation, health, customs, environmental protection and policing.
Article 6
In the performance of duty, animal disease control personnel shall display their identification documents, which are prepared and issued by the respective authorities concerned at different government levels.
In conducting quarantine examination at a seaport, airport or train station, the import/export animal quarantine personnel shall wear uniforms. The style of the uniform, hat, and badge shall be specified by the central competent authority.