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Title: Animal Industry Act CH
Category: Council of Agriculture(行政院農業委員會)
Chapter One General Provisions
Article 1
This Animal Industry Act (hereinafter referred to as the Act) is drawn up for the purposes of regulating and providing guidance to the livestock/poultry farming business, preventing pollution, and facilitating the development of the animal industry. Other relevant laws and regulations shall govern matters not specified herein.
Article 2
The competent authority referred to in the Act herein shall be: the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan on the central level; the Municipal Government on the municipal level; and the prefectural (city) government on the prefectural (city) level.
Article 3
The terms used in the Act herein are defined as follows:
1. Livestock: Cattle, sheep, horse, pig, deer, rabbit and other animals designated by the central competent authority.
2. Poultry: Chicken, duck, goose, turkey and other fowls designated by the central competent authority.
3. Farm: A place of raising livestock or poultry with an operation scale up to that specified in Article 4 herein.
4. Slaughterhouse: A slaughter establishment set up according to the Act, or approved or designated by the competent authorities prior to the promulgation of the Act.
5. Breeding flock: Livestock or poultry for reproduction.
6. Breeding stock: Genetic materials of the breeding flock, such as semen, ovum, egg, embryo, genes, or genetically modified organisms or transplanted embryo.
7. Breeder: Business engaging in the raise, incubation, improvement or propagation of breeding flock or breeding stocks.
8. Breeding farm: A place where raise, incubation, improvement or propagation of breeding flock or breeding stock takes place.
9. Industrial organization: Academy, foundation, trade association, farmer's association or cooperative that is associated with the research, development, production, supply and marketing of farming or veterinary medicine.