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Chapter IV Management of Catch Tagging
Article 24
Any distant water fisheries operator shall, before the fishing operations of fishing vessel(s), pay the cost of tags to the Tuna Association, and apply to the competent authority, with the submission of a payment receipt, for the issuance of southern bluefin tuna tags (hereinafter referred to as the “tags”).
For any fishing vessel entering the fishing area without applying for the tags in accordance with the preceding paragraph, the competent authority shall revoke its permit of southern bluefin tuna.
Any southern bluefin tuna fishing vessel shall apply for the tags in accordance with the first paragraph before the tags are exhausted during operation at sea, and, in such case, the southern bluefin tuna may only be tagged at the time of landing in port after the approval from the competent authority is obtained.
Article 25
Any southern bluefin tuna shall be tagged at the appropriate position in case of being caught by any fishing vessel, and the length, weight, and the serial number of the tag shall be recorded on the Catch Tagging Form, format of which is as shown in Appendix 2.
Article 26
Any tag on southern bluefin tuna shall be remained on the fish at least up to the first point of sale.
In the event that the tag detaches and cannot be re-attached, a unused replacement tag shall be attached immediately, and the serial number of the replacement tag and detached tag shall be recorded in the record sheet. In case that the serial number of the detached tag is unknown, recording may be exempted. The format of the record sheet is as shown in Appendix 3.
The record sheet as referred to in the preceding paragraph shall, within 3 days after the landing, be submitted in writing to the Tuna Association for forwarding to the competent authority for perusal.