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Title: The Forestry Act CH
Category: Ministry of Agriculture(農業部)
Chapter I General Provisions
Article 1
This Act is established to preserve forest resources, the natural functions of forests and their economic viability, and to protect trees that have conservation value and their growth habitats.
Article 2
The term ‘government agency’ as used in this Act means the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan of the central government; the relevant direct municipal government at the municipal level; the county (city) government at the county (city) level.
Article 3
The term ‘forest(s)’ means the land(s) and its collateral trees and bamboo, collectively. According to the delineation of ownership, forest(s) shall be distinguished as national forest(s), public forest(s), and private forest(s); forests principally belong to the nation.
Article 3-1
For matters regarding the protection of trees outside of forests, the rules in Chapter 5-1 apply.
Article 4
Whereas whoever owns bamboo or trees on the land of others, constituting a claim of land-surface rights, lease rights or for other applications, or revenues, shall be deemed forest owner where this Act applies.