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Chapter 4 Supplementary Provisions
Article 27
All vessel carriers shall be subject to the fees for the permits as required hereunder:
1. Thirty six thousand N.T. dollars for the permit covering the international transportation;
2. Eighteen thousand N.T. dollars for the permit covering the domestic transportation; and
3. Eighteen thousand N.T. dollars for a permit of which the coverage is altered from the domestic transportation to international transportation.
Any foreign vessel carrier applying for a permit shall make a payment of four-one thousandth of the total operation capital stated in the permit application.
For registration of changes to the former two permits, the applicant shall make a payment of two thousand and one hundred N.T. dollars to the competent authority for replacement of a new permit.
Article 28
For affairs relating to vesselcarriers’applications for a permit to establish a company or cancelation of such permit, issuing a permit, replacing and revocation of a permit, changing the company registration, building and sale of vessels, business operation, management, permit fee collection, enforcement of penalties and management of foreign vessel carriers, the competent authority may assign the shipping administration to execute the administrative processes under the Law and the Regulations.
Article 29
These Regulations shall come into force on the day of announcement.