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Chapter 3 Foreign Vessel Carriers
Article 20
Any foreign vessel carrier who desires to establish a branch shall forward an application to the shipping administration for document review and submission to the competent authority for approval, along with the following information and documents:
1. Application Form (see Attachment 1);
2. The plan of operation in ROC territory; location of branch office;
3. List of Vessels (see Attachment 4) and photocopy of Certificate of Ship's Nationality;
4. The name, type and nationalityof the parent company, registered operations of the company, total paid-up capital, location of the company and articles of the company;
5. The amount of the fund required for operation in ROC territory;
6. A photocopy of document permitting the vessel carrier to operate in the territory of R.O.C. and the date on which the operation commences;
7. The names, nationalities and addresses of broad members and statutory representative;
8. The name, nationality and address of and the Letter of Authorization to the agent who is appointed in ROC territory for lawsuits and non-litigation cases; and
9. Business records of the past three years and the status of business in ROC;
Documents indicated in the Paragraph 1, subparagraph 4 to 8 of this article shall be certified by an ROC embassy or representative office. A Chinese translation copy shall be attached if the documents are written in a foreign language.
Article 21
The branch of a foreign vessel carrier shall keep in ROC territory operating funds of no less than twelve million N.T. dollars
Article 22
After receiving permission to establish a branch, the foreign vessel carrier shall complete the registration of franchise and branch company within six months after the period for establishment of the company is granted, by forwarding the following documents and a franchise fee to the shipping administration for preliminary review and submission to the competent authority for issuing a Foreign Vessel Carrier Permit:
1. Application Form (see Attachment 3),
2. Form for Registering Company Information,
3. Photocopy of Branch License and Business License, and
4. Name List of Managers (see Attachment 2).
Failure to apply for the permit within the period granted for establishment of company shall cause the permission of establishment to be revoked.
Article 23
The employees engaged by a foreign vessel carrier shall be ROC nationals; however, the competent authority may approve its application for the employment of foreigners as the business may require.
Article 24
Any vessel carrier engaging in the carriage of cargo out of and into ROC territory shall file the tariffs in accordance with Articles 18 and 19; so shall the carrier file upon revision of such tariffs.
The above-stated Table of Tariff shall be filed by the branch office if the vessel carrier has established a branch company in the territory of R.O.C.
A company without a branch office in the territory of R.O.C. shall engage a representative in the territory of R.O.C. to carry out the required procedures on behalf of the company.
Article 25
The provisions prescribed in Article 7 and Article 12 to 19 of shall be also applicable to the branches of foreign vessel carriers.
Article 26
Unless otherwise approved bythe competent authority, any foreign vessel carrier shall not appoint any representative in ROC territory to superintend the business operated by the agent of such foreign vessel carriers.