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Title: Maritime Act CH
Category: Ministry of Transportation and Communications(交通部)
Chapter I:General Provisions
Article 1
The term “ship” referred to in this Code shall denote any ship that navigate on the sea, or navigate on the surfaces of or in the waters accessible to the sea.
Article 2
The term “shipmaster” referred to in this Code shall denote a person employed by the Shipowner to take charge of all matters of the ship, whereas “Seafarer” means all persons employed by the Shipowner to provide services on a ship under direction of the shipmaster of the ship.
Article 3
The ships listed as below are not applicable to this Code, save for those involved in a matter of collision:
1. Small ships, as termed under the Law of Ships.
2. Ships that are intended for Military Naval use.
3. Ships that are only for government official use.
4. Any other Ships not falling the stipulation of Article 1 of this Code.
Article 4
No exercise of precautionary proceedings can be levied on a ship during the period from the time the ship has completed preparations for commencing a voyage until arriving of her next calling. Provided that, this shall not apply in respect of such obligations as may have been incurred for the purpose of making preparations for commencing the voyage or arising out of a collision of ships .
Precautionary proceedings against a ship navigating within the territorial boundaries of the country may be made by way of a court order affixed board.
Article 5
The maritime matters shall be subject to regulations of this Code; anything not regulated in this Code shall be subject to the provisions laid out in the other Laws.