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Chapter 5 Reporting of the Performance of the Porting Process and Relevant Fees for Number Portability
Article 21
Before the end of January and the end of July each year, each Operator shall compile and submit information such as the number of Subscribers ported to/from its networks, the failure rate of porting process, average duration of porting process, and so on, for the previous six months to the competent authority. The report formats shall be announced by the competent authority.
Article 22
The Donor Operator shall not collect the costs incurred by the number porting process from the Recipient Operator.
Article 23
The Donor Operator may charge fees for the number porting process from Ported Subscribers.
The fees as referred to in the preceding paragraph shall not be higher than the sum announced by the competent authority, and the Donor Operator shall set the fees in accordance with Subparagraph 1, Paragraph 1 of Article 8 of these Regulations.
Article 24
Operators shall bear the establishment and maintenance cost necessary for providing Number Portability.
Article 25
The Originating Operator shall bear its own additional communication costs or Ported Subscriber Database query costs incurred in the provision of communications services for the subscribers receiving the telecommunication.