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Chapter Two - Consumer Interests
Section Four - Consumer Information provisions
Article 22
Traders shall ensure the accuracy of the contents of advertisements and be under the obligations not to provide less than what is stated in the advertisements.
After the contract is made and entered between traders and consumers, traders shall fulfill the contents of the advertisements of goods or services.
Article 22-1
Trader shall express the annual percentage rates of all the costs of borrowing over the term of the credit in their advertisements when engaging in credit transactions.
The scope of the costs of borrowing over the term of the credit, and the methods of calculating the annual percentage rate as expressed in the previous paragraph, shall be set by the competent authorities of each relevant industry.
Article 23
Where media knows or should have known that the contents of the advertisements are inconsistent with the facts, shall be jointly and severally liable to consumers for their reliance upon such advertisements.
Damage liability set forth at previous paragraph cannot be restricted or waived by any agreement in advance.
Article 24
Traders shall properly label the products or services provided in accordance with labeling laws and other relevant laws and regulations.
For imported goods or services, traders shall attach labels and instructions in Mandarin and the content of which shall not be less comprehensive than those required in the country of origin.
For imported goods or services at the country of origin are accompanied with warning, the previous paragraph shall apply mutatis mutandis.
Article 25
Traders shall proactively furnish written warranties to consumers to warrant the quality of goods or services provided.
Warranties prescribed in previous paragraph shall at least include the following:
1. The name, type and quantity of goods or services and, the serial numbers or batch numbers if any.
2. The warranty coverage.
3. The period and the commencement of the warranties.
4. The names and addresses of the manufacturers.
5. If sold by distributors, the names and addresses of the distributor.
6. The date of the transaction.
Article 26
In order to ensure the quality of goods and the safety of consumers, traders shall provide shockproof, dust-proof or moisture resistant, or any other packaging necessary to preserve the goods in accordance with the nature of the goods and the trade of practice, but not include excessive packaging or packaging which may exaggerate the contents thereof.