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Title: Multi-Level Marketing Supervision Act CH
Category: Fair Trade Commission(公平交易委員會)
Article 25
A multi-level marketing enterprise shall record the organization development, sales of goods or services, payment of bonuses, and handling of goods returning within the territory of the Republic of China on a monthly basis and keep such records in its primary place of business for inspection by the competent authority.
The materials in the preceding paragraph shall be kept for five years; the same shall apply in the case of an enterprise that ceases multi-level marketing practice.
Article 26
The competent authority may at any time dispatch personnel to inspect, or order an enterprise to fill forms and provide materials about the operation and development within specific deadline in the methods and format required by competent authority, and the enterprise shall not evade, impede, or refuse.
Article 27
The competent authority may investigate and handle, upon complaints or ex officio, any violation of the provisions of the Act.
Article 28
In conducting investigations under the Act, the competent authority may proceed in accordance with the following procedures:
1. to notify the parties and any related third party to appear to make statements;
2. to notify the parties and any related third party to submit books and records, documents, and any other necessary materials or exhibits, and
3. to dispatch personnel for any necessary on-site inspection of the office, place of business, or other locations of the parties or any related third party.
Things that may serve as evidence and are found during inspections referred above may be seized by competent authority, and the scope and duration of seizure shall be limited to an extent necessary for examination, inspection, verification or other purposes in connection with the preservation of evidence.
The person who is under investigation conducted according to paragraph 1 may not evade, impede, or refuse without justifications.
An investigator carrying out its duties under this Act shall present the documents supporting its duties, and the person to be investigated may refuse the investigation where the investigator fails to present such documents.