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Title: Retail Market Management Regulation CH
Category: Ministry of Economic Affairs(經濟部)
Chapter III : Private Market
Article 24
For establishment, modification or expansion of a private market, an application along with the following documents shall be submitted to the municipal or county (city) competent authority where the market is situated for approval. Those who do not obtain approval shall not run the business:
1. Business plan
2. Stall (store) quantity
3. Categories and segments layout by scope of stall (store) businesses
4. Market layout plan
5. Market location map
6. The approval letter for public facilities investment and construction encouraged by the municipal city or county (city).
Article 25
The owner of a private market and stall (store) users shall jointly recommend representatives to organize an administration committee and implement the following matters under supervision of competent authorities:
1. Maintain public safety in the market.
2. Maintain public order in the market.
3. Manage environmental hygiene in the market.
4. Maintain public facilities of the market.
5. Report and handle the violation of stall (store) users of these regulations.
6. Report illegal vendors in or around the market.
7. Other matters stipulated by competent authorities.
The stall (store) users shall enroll for membership in market management before running their business.
The management committee is a capable entity that shall be responsible for and report to the membership meeting.
The municipal or county (city) competent authority shall determine the establishment, implementation items, articles of organization, meeting procedures, establishment time and other matters as required.
Article 26
The regulations set forth in paragraphs 3 to 11 of article 16 shall apply mutatis mutandis to matters that need to be complied with by all stall (store) users in the private market.