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Chapter 1 General Provisions
Article 1
These regulations are duly enacted in accordance with Paragraph 1 of Article 48 of the Professional Engineers Act (hereinafter referred to as the Act).
Article 2
The professional engineer discipline committee (hereinafter referred to as the discipline committee) and professional engineer discipline retrial committee (hereinafter referred to as the retrial committee) shall be established respectively by the central competent authority.
Article 3
If the subject of the case precedes the process of criminal investigation or court trial, the disciplinary review process shall not suspend. However, a disciplinary punishment shall depend on whether the subject professional engineer's criminal case is guilty. If necessary, the discipline committee and the retrial committee may suspend the disciplinary review until the subject professional engineer is sentenced. The foregoing shall also apply if the criminal investigation or court trial proceeds after the disciplinary review.
The decision made pursuant to the preceding paragraph shall be informed to the entity that raised the accusation, the subject professional engineer, and the subject's professional engineer association.
Article 4
Even if the subject professional engineer has been decreed as "non indictment," "deferred indictment," "indictment exempted," or "acquittal," the subject professional engineer may also be disciplined. The foregoing shall also apply if the subject professional engineer who has been sentenced as "punishment exempted."