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Chapter 8 Cultural Heritage Preservation Techniques and Preservers
Article 95
The competent authorities shall periodically conduct surveys of, or accept reports from individuals or organizations on any tangible cultural heritage preservation techniques and preservers, and shall review, record and trace in accordance with the procedures stipulated by law, and establish a basic database thereof.
The cultural heritage preservation techniques as referred to in the preceding paragraph mean traditional techniques indispensable to preservation and restoration of cultural heritage and deserving of protection. Cultural heritage preservers refer to people who possess preservation techniques, excel at preservation, and are exponent of preservation. The competent authorities shall number, issue certificates to, and grant incentives and subsidies to cultural heritage preservation skill preservers.
Article 96
The municipal, county or city competent authorities may select from traced cultural heritage preservation techniques those essential and needing protection, and review, register and announce the same as cultural heritage preservation techniques, and report them to the central competent authority for recordation.
The central competent authority may select from the traced or registered cultural heritage perseveration techniques set forth in the preceding paragraph those needing urgent protection, and review, register and announce the same as significant cultural heritage preservation techniques.
Individuals possessing cultural heritage preservation techniques registered under the preceding two paragraphs shall be accredited as preservers.
If any cultural heritage preservation techniques no longer need protection, or its preserver dies, loses his/her capacity to do legal acts, or is replaced, the competent authority may revoke or revise the registration or accreditation and announce such revocation or revision. Where the revocation or revision is made by a municipal, county or city competent authority, it shall be reported to the central competent authority for recordation.
The regulations for registration criteria and accreditation, the rules and procedures for review, revocation and revision under the preceding four paragraphs, and other compliance requirements shall be stipulated by the central competent authority.
Article 97
The competent authorities shall conduct technical preservation of registered preservation techniques, help the preservers pass on their techniques, and apply such techniques in preserving and restoring cultural heritage.
The regulations governing the preservation, teaching and constructive use of the preservation skills under the preceding paragraph, the application of the preservers' techniques, training of human resources, and granting of aids shall be stipulated by the central competent authority.