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Chapter 2: Procedures to Apply for the Consolation Payment
Article 13
The consolation cases of teachers and school staff shall be reported by the schools they serve to the government agencies in charge of education administration for further examination; national or provincial schools shall be examined by Ministry of Education; municipal schools shall be examined by Bureau of Education of municipal governments; county or city schools shall be examined by county or city governments.
Article 14
The surviving dependents shall fill in two copies of consolation forms while applying for consolation payment. The forms along with death proofs, the complete employment certificates and copies of census register shall be collected by the schools that the teachers and school staff thereof serve before death and transfer to government agencies in charge of education administration for further examination.
The surviving dependents mentioned in each subparagraph of Paragraph 1 of Article 9 of the Statute shall be detailed in the consolation forms in order.
Article 15
If the surviving dependents’ rights to receive the consolation payment mentioned in Subparagraphs 1 to 3 of Paragraph 1of Article 9 are nullified due to death, abandonment or legal matters, the consolation payment thereof shall be dispensed to other receivers of the same priority level, but if no other receivers in the same priority level apply for the consolation payment, it shall be conceded to the surviving dependents of the next level.