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Chapter 2 Campus safety plan
Article 4
In order to prevent incidents of campus sexual assault, sexual harassment, and sexual bullying, the school shall implement the following measures for enhancing campus safety:
1. Regularly inspect the planning for and usage of campus grounds and facilities, evaluating overall campus safety by assessing the arrangement, management, and security of indoor and outdoor areas; the signage system; the emergency help system and secure routes; lighting and visibility; and other important safety factors.
2. Record the locations where incidents of sexual assault, sexual harassment, or sexual bullying have occurred on campus, and produce a map illustrating danger areas as necessary.
Referring to subparagraph 1 above, regarding the inspection of the planning for and usage of campus grounds and facilities, the different needs of students of the physical and mental capabilities, or linguistic culture, shall be considered, such that the safety planning and methods of explanation provided meet their needs. The scope of these considerations should extend to on-campus dormitories, bathing and restroom facilities, campus transport, etc.
Article 5
The school shall regularly hold campus safety review briefings and invite professional space designers, faculty, staff, students, and other users of the campus to participate.
The school may convene the review briefings referenced in the previous paragraph through electronic means, and shall make the review conclusions and pertinent records public.
The school's review of progress in improving the safety of hazardous campus areas shall be an item in the Committee's working report each school term.