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Title: Gender Equity Education Act CH
Category: Ministry of Education(教育部)
Chapter 3 Curriculum, teaching materials and instruction
Article 18
The school shall design curriculum and activities to encourage students to develop their potential and shall not discriminate students on the basis of their gender.
Elementary and junior high schools, in addition to integrating gender equity education into their curriculum, shall provide at least four hours of courses or activities on gender equity education each semester.
Senior high schools shall integrate gender equity education in their curriculum, the same as the five-year junior colleges in the first three years of their curriculum.
Universities and colleges shall offer a wide range of courses on gender studies.
Schools shall develop course planning and assessment methods in accordance to principles of gender equity education.
Article 19
The compilation, composition, review and selection of course materials shall comply with the principles of gender equity education. The content of teaching materials shall present fairly on the historical contributions, life experiences of both sexes, and diverse gender perspectives.
Article 20
When using teaching materials and engaging in educational activities, teachers shall maintain an awareness of gender equity, eliminate gender stereotypes, and avoid gender prejudice and discrimination.
Teachers shall encourage students to take courses in fields that are not traditionally affiliated with their gender.