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Title: Gender Equity Education Act CH
Category: Ministry of Education(教育部)
Chapter 2 Learning environment and resources
Article 12
The school shall provide a gender-fair learning environment, respect and give due consideration to students, faculty, and staff with different gender, gender temperaments, gender identity, and sexual orientation. Moreover, it shall establish a safe campus environment.
The school shall prescribe and promulgate regulations for implementing gender equity education.
Article 13
The school shall not discriminate against a prospective student during recruitment or evaluation of applications for admission on the basis of his or her gender, gender temperaments, gender identity or sexual orientation. With the approval of the competent authority, this requirement will not apply to schools, classes and curricula with a specific historical tradition, special education objectives, or other reasons unrelated to gender.
Article 14
The school shall not discriminate against students on the basis of their gender, gender temperaments, gender identity, or sexual orientation in its instruction, activities, assessments, rewards and penalties, benefits, or services. This requirement does not apply to matters suitable only to persons of a specific gender, gender temperaments, gender identity, or sexual orientation.
The school shall proactively provide assistance to students who are disadvantaged due to their gender, gender temperaments, gender identity, or sexual orientation with the aim of improving their circumstances.
Article 15
The school shall proactively protect the right to education of pregnant students, and provide needed assistance.
Article 16
Gender equity education shall be included in pre-service training of staff members, orientation training of new staff members, in-service education program and preparation program for educational administrators, the same in professional teacher training programs in colleges and universities.
Article 17
At least one-third of members of Staff Appraisal Committee, Grievance Review Committee, and Faculty Evaluation Committee at the school level, as well as the Faculty Grievance Review Committee of the competent authority with jurisdiction, shall consist of either sex. This requirement need not apply to schools whose number of faculty members of either sex is lower than one-third of the total number of Faculty Evaluation Committee members.