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Title: The Special Education Act CH
Category: Ministry of Education(教育部)
Chapter III: Special Education Support Systems
Article 42
Local authorities should carry on research and publish the obtained data so as to achieve a better performance in development of special education curriculum, teaching materials and methods, and assessments.
Article 43
To encourage colleges and universities with special education department and institute affiliated with special education center to support diagnosis, instruction and counseling services, the central authorities should plan budget for subsidy. To conduct special education research, colleges/universities are able to establish affiliated special education school/class.
Article 44
Local authorities should establish special education administrative support network in order to implement special education to the extent that it integrates possible resources, assists special education practices, and provides consultation, counseling and services. Measures and regulations on linking and operation of support network are set by local authorities.
Article 45
Schools up to senior high, inclusive, are to set up the schoolwide special education implementation committee, taking care of learning affairs of special needs students, in which parents are to participate. Measures of components, practices and autonomy shall be enacted by governments concerned.
To take care of learning affairs of special needs students, schools of higher education should set up the schoolwide special education implementation committee, in which students or parents are to participate.
Article 46
Schools should offer special needs family with consultation, counseling, parenting education, and transfer services. The budget and resources of the aforementioned support services are taken up by the local authorities.
At least one special needs parent shout be member or standing member of the school parental committee, participating in operation of special education affairs.
Article 47
The effectiveness of the special education provided by schools at each educational stage at senior secondary level and below shall be assessed by the competent authority at least once every four years or be undertaken simultaneously with a school’s evaluation in accordance with its regular evaluation cycle.
The performance of the municipal competent authorities and the county (city) level competent authorities providing special education shall be assessed by the central competent authority at least once every four years.
The matters assessed and the results of the assessments referred to in the two preceding paragraphs shall be made public, and competent authorities that have performed well shall be given incentive awards, and any that fail to meet standards shall be given follow-up guidance. The regulations governing the related assessments and autonomous regulations shall be prescribed by each competent authority.