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Chapter 4 Evaluation, Supervision, and Reward
Article 17
The respective competent authority shall assemble an evaluation team consisting of invited EERC members to conduct evaluation during the experimental education plan period; the evaluation result, along with the experimental education plan result report, shall be used as references for experimental education continuation application.
The regulations governing the period of evaluation, content, procedure, assembly of evaluation team, qualification of members, handling of evaluation result, and other relevant matters of the evaluation mentioned in the preceding Paragraph shall be stipulated by the central competent authority.
Article 18
Private experimental education schools at junior college level and above shall establish an education quality assurance mechanism, which shall receive regular evaluation or approval from a domestic or foreign professional evaluation agency. Regulations governing the education quality assurance mechanism, evaluation and approval, and other relevant matters shall be stipulated by the central competent authority.
The education quality assurance mechanism mentioned in the preceding Paragraph and its evaluation or approval by a professional evaluation agency shall be clearly stated in the admissions guide.
Article 19
The respective competent authority governing private experimental education school in violation of this Act or the experimental education plan or determined in the experimental education evaluation result as poor performance or detrimental to students’ rights shall take all or part of the following measures:
1. Guidance
2. Correction
3. Rectification and improvement before given deadline
4. Suspension of student recruitment or reduction enrollment
5. Suspension of experimental education plan
Prior to taking measures mentioned in Subparagraph 4 or 5 of the preceding Paragraph on private experimental education school, the competent authority shall request a review from the EERC and take corrective measures necessary for the students concerned.
In the case of suspension of experimental education plan or discontinuation of private experimental education school, permission for system change of private school shall be revoked for incorporated school and the original school system shall be restored; permission for establishment of private school by incorporated school or other non-profit private corporation shall be revoked.
Article 20
A private experimental education school having its experimental education plan suspended or discontinued shall allow its students to remain with the school or assist its students to transfer according to students’ preferences, and the respective competent authority may intervene to transfer said students to other schools when necessary.
The competent authority shall revoke the permission issued to a private experimental education school established by an incorporated school or other non-profit private corporation being dissolved by law.
Article 21
An incorporated school or other non-profit private corporation having its experimental education plan suspended or discontinued may terminate the employment contracts with the staff and other personnel hired outside organization system for its experimental education and to whom the Labor Standard Act is applicable according to regulations governing laborers; terminated teachers hired outside organization system for experimental education shall be compensated based on the standard factors calculated in accordance with labor relevant regulations.
Article 22
The relevant competent authority shall reward private experimental education schools with outstanding assessment results. The competent authority shall regularly hold press conferences, academic seminars, or teaching workshops to share experiment experiences and results found worthy of promotion.