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Title: University Act CH
Category: Ministry of Education(教育部)
Chapter 6 Supplementary Provisions
Article 36
Each university shall draft its charter and by-laws in accordance with the provisions of this Act and submit these to the Ministry of Education. If the Ministry of Education gives them, the university may then implement them.
Article 37
Any parts of the provisions of Article 25, Article 26, and Article 37 of the Act of Governing the Appointment of Educators that are in conflict with this Act shall no longer be applicable.
Article 38
To optimize their provision of education, training, research, and services, universities may engage in industry-academia collaboration with government agencies, business entities, private sector organizations, and academic research institutions; the associated implementation regulations shall be prescribed by the Ministry of Education.
Article 39
With the exception of information and material which is classified confidential in accordance with law and is not permitted to be released, universities shall, in principle, actively make information about university affairs available, and a university may provide such information to members of the public in response to an application to do so.
Article 40
The provisions of this Act shall apply to the establishment, organization, and educational facilities of universities that offer teacher education programs and private universities, except when specific provisions of the Teacher Education Act or the Private School Law address these matters.
The central government and the government of any municipality directly under the central government may establish an open university. The organization and educational faculties of such universities are prescribed in separate legislation.
Article 41
The enforcement rules of this Act shall be prescribed by the Ministry of Education.
Article 42
This Act shall come into effect on the date of promulgation.
The date of effect of the amendment to Article 25 of this Act promulgated on August 19, 2010 shall be prescribed by the Executive Yuan.