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Title: University Act CH
Category: Ministry of Education(教育部)
Chapter 4 Ranking & Appointment of Teachers
Article 17
Teachers in universities are ranked at the levels of: professor, associate professor, assistant professor, and lecturer, and they engage in teaching, research, and providing academic advice and guidance.
Universities may establish professorial chairs which will be held by professors.
Universities may establish teaching assistant positions to assist teaching and research work.
Universities may engage research personnel to undertake research and professional technicians to undertake teaching; the regulations governing their ranking, qualifications, appointment, dismissal, suspension, non-renewal of employment, grievances and appeals, remuneration, welfare, further study, retirement, bereavement payment, severance with pay, annual salary increments, salary increase and other rights and interests shall be prescribed by the Ministry of Education.
Article 18
The appointments of university teachers are divided into three categories: initial appointments, renewed appointments, and long-term appointments. The appointment of all teachers shall be handled in accordance with the principles of fairness, impartiality, and openness. Universities shall announce details of any vacancies for the initial appointment of a university teacher through the media or in academic journals and invite applications. The qualifications that teachers must have and the procedures for their appointment shall be in accordance with the provisions of related laws.
Article 19
In addition to complying with the provisions of the Teachers’ Act, a university may also set out the rights and obligations of its teachers in its by-laws, and based on its academic research developments requirements, a university may prescribe separate provisions governing the suspension or non-renewal of teachers’ appointments. All such additions to by-laws and separate provisions shall be deliberated over by the university council. If the university council approves them, they may be implemented and shall also be included in teachers’ appointment contracts.
Article 20
The appointment, promotion, suspension, dismissal, and non-renewal of appointment of university teachers, and determination of reasons for a university teacher’s being laid off with severance pay shall be deliberated on by a teacher review committee.
The regulations governing the administrative ranking, formation, and operations of teacher review committees shall be implemented after being deliberated on and approved by the university council.
Article 21
Universities shall set up a teacher performance evaluation system to evaluate teachers’ teaching, research, academic advice and guidance, and other services they are providing, and such evaluations will be used as important reference when teachers’ promotions renewals of appointment, long-term appointments, suspension, non-renewals of appointment, and incentive awards are being considered.
Regulations governing the methods, procedures, and specific measures for undertaking the performance evaluations referred to in the preceding paragraph shall be implemented after being deliberated on and approved by the university council.
Article 22
Universities shall set up a teachers’ appeal review committee to review appeals made by teachers regarding dismissal, suspension, and other decisions which they do not accept. The regulations governing how the committee is formed and its operations shall be implemented after being deliberated on and approved by the university council.
A decision handed down by the teachers’ appeal review committee does not affect the rights of any of the parties involved to initiate legal proceedings.