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CHAPTER 3 Courses
Article 27
Educational institutions of all types at all levels shall adopt a multicultural approach and incorporate the histories, cultures, and values of the various indigenous ethnicities into relevant courses and teaching materials, to help promote mutual understanding and respect between different ethnic groups.
In conjunction with the central competent education authority, the central competent indigenous peoples’ affairs authority shall formulate the content of ethnic education courses to accord with the ethnic and cultural characteristics of each indigenous people.
Article 28
The establishment of indigenous language courses in schools at senior secondary level and below shall be undertaken in accordance with the 12-Year Basic Education Curriculum Guidelines. The implementation methods shall be prescribed by the central competent education authority.
In order to meet the needs of indigenous students taking indigenous language courses, schools at senior secondary level and below shall encourage teachers to teach such courses using the indigenous language that they are teaching.
Article 29
Governments at all levels shall provide students at preschool level and at all stages of their 12-year Basic Education with opportunities to learn the languages, histories, science, and cultures of indigenous peoples and may plan courses on indigenous peoples’ knowledge and indigenous culture related learning activities in accordance with the characteristic features of the area where each preschool and school is located and their resources.
Article 30
When selecting and compiling the teaching materials for ethnic education courses, schools at senior secondary level and below shall respect the cultural characteristics and value system of each of the indigenous peoples and organize teaching and learning activities for the associated courses.
Schools at senior secondary level and below in indigenous peoples’ regions that are setting up a curriculum development committee and selecting and compiling teaching materials for ethnic education courses shall engage representatives of the local indigenous peoples or tribes who have an indigenous identity to join the committee.
The selection and compilation of teaching materials for ethnic education courses referred to in the preceding two paragraphs shall be given due deliberation by the municipal, county, or city indigenous education council, in the light of local requirements.