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Chapter III Case Evaluation
Section I Loans of Funds to Others
Article 14
Before making a loan of funds to others, a public company shall carefully evaluate whether the loan is in compliance with these Regulations and the company's Operational Procedures for Loaning Funds to Others. The company may loan funds to others only after the evaluation results under this paragraph and Article 9, paragraph 6 have been submitted to and resolved upon by the board of directors. The company shall not empower any other person to make such decision.
Loans of funds between the public company and its parent company or subsidiaries, or between its subsidiaries, shall be submitted for a resolution by the board of directors pursuant to the preceding paragraph, and the chairperson may be authorized, for a specific borrowing counterparty, within a certain monetary limit resolved by the board of directors, and within a period not to exceed one year, to give loans in installments or to make a revolving credit line available for the counterparty to draw down.
The "certain monetary limit" mentioned in the preceding paragraph on authorization for loans extended by the public company or any of its subsidiaries to any single entity shall not exceed 10% of the net worth on the most current financial statements of the lending company, except in cases of companies in compliance with Article 3, paragraph 4.
Where a public company has appointed independent directors, when it loans funds to others, it shall take into full consideration each independent director's opinions; independent directors' opinions specifically expressing assent or dissent and their reasons for dissent shall be included in the minutes of the board of directors' meeting.
Article 15
A public company shall prepare a memorandum book for its fund-loaning activities and truthfully record the following information: borrower, amount, date of approval by the board of directors, lending/borrowing date, and matters to be carefully evaluated under paragraph 1 of the preceding Article.
The public company's internal auditors shall audit the Operational Procedures for Loaning Funds to Others and the implementation thereof no less frequently than quarterly and prepare written records accordingly. They shall promptly notify all the supervisors in writing of any material violation found.
Article 16
If, as a result of a change in circumstances, an entity for which an endorsement/guarantee is made does not meet the requirements of these Regulations or the loan balance exceeds the limit, a public company shall adopt rectification plans and submit the rectification plans to all the supervisors, and shall complete the rectification according to the timeframe set out in the plan.