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Title: Securities and Exchange Act CH
Category: Financial Supervisory Commission(金融監督管理委員會)
Chapter V Stock Exchange
Section 1 General Provisions
Article 93
(Special Approval or Permit for Establishment)
A Special approval or permit or shall be obtained from the Competent Authority before the establishment of a stock exchange. The application procedures and other necessary matters shall be prescribed by the Competent Authority.
Article 94
(Organization of a Stock Exchange)
A stock exchange may be organized in the form of either membership or company.
Article 95
(Standards for the Establishment of Stock Exchanges)
The standards for the establishment of stock exchanges shall be prescribed by the Competent Authority.
Each stock exchange shall be limited to operating one centralized securities exchange market.
Article 96
(Restrictions on Eligibility to Operate)
Unless acting pursuant to this Act, no person shall engage in the operation of business similar to that of providing a centralized securities exchange market; this provision shall also apply to anyone which provides business premises or facilities for such proposes.
Article 97
The name of a stock exchange shall explicitly bear the words "stock exchange." No person other than a stock exchange shall use names similar to that of a stock exchange.
Article 98
(Restrictions on Business)
The business of a stock exchange shall be to provide a centralized securities exchange market. A stock exchange shall not engage in nor invest in any other businesses without the approval of the Competent Authority.
Article 99
(Operation Bond)
A stock exchange shall deposit an operation bond with the National Treasury, the amount of which shall be prescribed by the Competent Authority.
Article 100
(Voidance of Special Approval or Permit)
The Competent Authority may void the special approval or permit of an established stock exchange if the stock exchange had made any false statement in its application or any document attached thereto, or has otherwise violated an act or regulation.
Article 101
Article 102
(Direction, Supervision, and Regulation)
Matters relating to the direction and supervision of the business operation of a stock exchange and the regulation of the responsible persons and associated persons shall be prescribed by the Competent Authority.