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Title: Regulations Governing Insurance Brokers CH
Category: Financial Supervisory Commission(金融監督管理委員會)
Chapter 7 Supplementary Provisions
Article 60
The appointment or promotion of the responsible persons of a broker company shall meet the requirements set out in paragraph 1 of Article 6, Articles 12 and 13; one appointed or promoted without meeting those requirements shall be discharged.
Any responsible person of a broker company who has a situation in any subparagraph of paragraph 1, Article 6 after promotion or appointment shall be discharged.
If an independent broker or brokers employed by a broker company or a bank does not comply with paragraph 3 of Article 6 or subparagraph 26 of Article 49 herein, the competent authority may void or revoke his or her permit and cancel his or her practice license.
Article 61
Unless the date of implementation is otherwise provided, these Regulations shall be in force on the date of promulgation.