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Title: Police Power Exercise Act CH
Category: Ministry of the Interior(內政部)
Chapter 1 General Principles
Article 1
This Act is enacted to govern the exercise of power by the police in accordance with applicable laws for the safeguard of people’s rights, maintenance of public order, and protection of social security.
Article 2
“Police" hereinafter used in this Act is a collective term referring to all police agencies and police officers.
The term “police power” hereinafter used in this Act refers to identity verification, forensic identity testing, data collection, notification, detention, dispersion, direct imposition, the seizure, custody, sale, auction, destruction, use, disposal, restricted use of objects, entering a residence, building, public place, and public-accessible place or other necessary concrete measures for the police to carry out their tasks in accordance with law for the purpose of fulfilling their statutory missions.
The term “supervisors in charge” hereinafter used in this Act refers to precinct chiefs or others with equivalent rank or above.
Article 3
When the police exercise their power, it may not exceed what is necessary for accomplishing their goals, and they shall employ the approaches that can minimize infringement upon people’s rights.
When the police have accomplished their goals through the use of their power or after judging the situation, believe that the goals cannot be accomplished, they shall stop their operation as allowed by their power or upon the request of the obligor or the interested party.
When the police exercise their power, they shall not lure or abet people to commit crimes or engage in other illegal acts.
Article 4
When exercising their power, the police shall wear their uniforms or present their credentials that show their identity and they shall reveal the intent.
When the police fail to follow the provisions set forth in the preceding paragraph while exercising their power, people may refuse to cooperate.
Article 5
When the police injure people while exercising their powers, they shall offer necessary aid or take the injured to the hospital for medical treatment.