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Title: Cooperatives Act CH
Category: Ministry of the Interior(內政部)
Chapter 7 Cooperatives Union
Article 66
Two or more cooperatives or cooperatives unions may establish a cooperatives union according to the relation in geography or business.
Article 67
A cooperatives union is a legal person.
Article 68
Affiliation or disaffiliation of cooperatives requires the resolution of the member’s congress of the cooperatives.
Affiliation or disaffiliation of a cooperatives union requires the resolution of the representative’s congress of the union.
Article 68-1
The par value of each share of a cooperatives union may not exceed NT$150.
Article 69
The representative’s congress of a cooperatives union shall be composed of the representatives of the cooperatives or unions.
The quota of the representatives referred to in the above paragraph shall be determined using any of the following methods:
1. Determined according to the number of members of each cooperative or cooperatives unions.
2. Determined according to the total capital of each cooperative or cooperatives union.
3. Determined according to the proportion of capital invested by each cooperative or cooperative union into the union.
Article 70
The liabilities of cooperatives unions are limited to the following two types:
1. Limited liability.
2. Guaranteed liability.
The guaranteed liability of each cooperative or cooperatives union affiliated into a cooperatives union of guaranteed liability shall be determined according to the capital stock invested by the cooperative or cooperative union.
Article 71
The directors and supervisors of a cooperatives union shall be elected by the union’s congress from the representatives of the affiliated cooperatives or cooperatives unions.
Article 72
The provisions set forth in this Act on cooperatives shall be applicable to cooperative unions unless otherwise prescribed in this Chapter or other laws and regulations.