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Title: Senior Citizens Welfare Act CH
Category: Ministry of Health and Welfare(衛生福利部)
Chapter 2 The Financial conditions
Article 11
To ensure the standard of living of elders, the living subsidies, special care subsidies and the annuity will be planned and executed gradually.
The execution of the annuity mentioned in preceding sentence will be
processed under the social insurance regulations.
Article 12
The elders who fall within the category of medium-low income and do not receive governmental installment shall apply for living subsidies.
The one who receives living subsidies and is seriously disabled and must be cared by his/her family members, under the application to the municipal and city/county governments, the special care subsidies may be issued to the care provider.
The application qualification, conditions, procedures, amount and other will be regulated by the central authorities concerned, there shall be no limit on the time of setting the domiciles. The documents to be attached and the inspection rules will be set up by the municipal and city/county governments.
For non-qualified receivers of subsidy shall be returned by the receivers or their heirs within 60 days of receiving, under the writing of municipal and city/county authorities concerned. Shall it be not returned, the whole case will be set as administrative execution.
Article 12-1
The rights for elders applying for any cash deliverance or subsidies according to proper regulations cannot be transferred, detained, and used as an object of guarantee.
The authority concerned may request the relevant agencies, associations, juridical persons or individuals, which are obligated to provide information cooperatively, to provide necessary information.
The competent authority shall properly practice the fiduciary duty for the information gained through the above description. The competent authority shall conduct a safety check on the operation of information; with the retention, processing and utilization of the information being subject to the Personal Information Protection Act.
Article 13
The municipal governments and city/county governments authority concerned may help them apply for execution to the court when the elder has the needs of guardianship and assistantship. The municipal governments and city/county governments authority concerned may help them apply for abatement of the commencement of guardianship and assistantship when the reasons of guardianship and assistantship are no longer valid.
When it is necessary to change the guardians, the competent municipal and city/county authorities shall assist elders to make relative applications.
Before assuring the commencement of guardianship and assistantship in the preceding two paragraphs is valid, the authority concerned may apply for any necessary execution to the court and provide other services related to property protection for the protection of elders and their property.
Article 14
To protect their property, the municipal and city/county governments shall encourage the elder to put them in trust.
Finance authority shall encourage trust and financial enterprise to provide property trust and commercial reverse mortgage services.
Housing authority shall provide rental housing related services.
Article 15
For elders who are not capable of taking care themselves and who must receive long-term care, the subsidies shall be provided by the municipal and city/county authorities concerned, based on financial conditions of the elder and their families, as well as the level of incompetence.
The regulations of receivers, standards and other items of
subsidization shall be set up by the central authority concerned.