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Chapter 1 General Principles
Article 1
The election and recall of civil servants shall be governed by the Act.
Article 2
“Civil servants” called in this Act refers to the following personnel:
1. Central civil servants: members of the Legislative Yuan.
2. Local civil servants: municipal councilors, county (city) councilors, representatives of township (city) congresses, representatives of mountain indigenous district(hereinafter referred to as indigenous district) congresses, governors of municipalities (municipal mayors), governors of counties (cities), chiefs of townships (cities), chiefs of indigenous districts and chiefs of villages (boroughs).
Article 3
The election of civil servants shall be implemented by way of common, fair, direct and secret vote.
The national integrated election and overseas election of central civil servants shall be implemented in the proportion of political parties.
The recall of civil servants shall be decided by the electors in the original electoral district by way of secret vote.
Article 4
The age of and the period of residence of electors and candidates shall be calculated up to the day before the polling day based on the household registration data.
The calculation of the period of residence referred to in the preceding Paragraph shall commence from the day when applying for household registration of immigration.
In case of re-voting, the calculation shall be made according to the original polling day all the same.
Article 5
The calculation of the periods of election and recall shall be made in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code except for those regulated by Administration Procedure Act. However, except for the natural disasters on the last day of such a period leading to the suspension of the duty, the period shall not be prolonged for Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays or any other duty-off day.
The days before the polling day is calculated backwards from one day before the polling day to the regulated day; the days after the polling day is calculated forwards from the polling day to the regulated day. The terminated day of the defined days before the polling day is calculated from the day ahead of the polling day backwards to the regulated day to be the terminated date.
Where the applications submitted and sent by post to the election agencies, the collecting day complies to the regulated day announced by the election agencies.