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Chapter 2: The Notaries
Section 1: The Notaries Serving in the Courts
Article 22
From those who have satisfied the judicial personnel qualifications set forth under paragraph 1 of Article 23 of the Judicial Personnel Ordinance, the court may selectively appoint court notaries.
Whenever there is more than one notary in a notary division of a district court, one of them shall be appointed as the director, handling and supervising notarial affairs.
Judges of a district court or its branches or judicial personnel, who have satisfied the qualifications mentioned under the first paragraph, can be assigned additional duties to act as notaries.
Article 23
The notary division’s may hire clerks to assist the notaries in the performance of notarial affairs. The notary clerks are appointed from personnel holding the qualification of a court clerk.
The district court or its branches can appoint court clerks to act as notary clerks in addition to the clerk's other duties.