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Title: Civil Code CH
Category: Ministry of Justice(法務部)
Part Ⅱ Obligations
Chapter II Particular Kinds Of Obligations
Section 13 - Commission Agency
Article 576
A commission agent is a person who undertakes, as a business, to buy or sell the personal property or deal any other commercial transaction in his own name but on account of a principal, for a remuneration.
Article 577
In addition to the provisions contained in the present title, the provisions concerning Mandate shall apply to the Commission Agency as well.
Article 578
The commission agent personally acquires rights against and incurs obligations towards the parties with whom he transacts business on account of the principal.
Article 579
Unless otherwise provided by the contract or by the custom, if the other party to a contract, which a commission agent made on behalf of a principal, does not perform his obligations, the commission agent is directly liable to the principal for the performance of the contract.
Article 580
When a commission agent has made a sale for a lower price or has made a purchase for a higher price than that specified by the principal, he shall compensate the difference, of the sale or purchase.
Article 581
If the commission agent constitutes a sale for a higher price, or constitutes a purchase for a lower price than that specified by the principal, the benefit shall belong to the principal.
Article 582
The commission agent is entitled to such remuneration, storage charges and transportation charges as are specified in the contract, or as are customary. He is also entitled to reimbursement of the expenses plus interests which he makes in the interests of the principal.
Article 583
So long as the things bought or sold by the commission agent on account of the principal are in the possession of the commission agent, the rules concerning Deposit shall be applied.
The commission agent is not bound to insure the things mentioned in the preceding paragraph, unless he has been otherwise instructed by the principal.
Article 584
If goods entrusted to a commission agent for sale is arrived in a defective condition, or if owing to their perishable nature, the commission agent is bound to take, for the protection of the interests of the principal, such steps as he would take for the protection of his own interest.
Article 585
If the principal refuses to accept the goods bought by the commission agent under orders of the principal, the commission agent may fix a reasonable deadline and notify the principal to accept within such deadline. If the principal fails to accept the goods within such deadline, the commission agent may sell them by auction and appropriate the proceeds of the sale up to the amount due to him by the principal by reason of the contract of commission. The balance, if any, may be lodged.
Goods that are easy to corrupt may be sold without notice.
Article 586
If goods entrusted to a commission agent for sale could not be sold, or if the order to sell has been revoked by the principal, and the principal fails to take back the goods or to dispose of them within a reasonable time, the commission agent may exercise his rights in conformity with the provisions of the preceding article.
Article 587
Unless there is an agreement to the contrary, the commission agent who has been ordered to buy or sell currency, stocks or things which have a market quotation may himself be the seller or buyer, the price being determined in accordance with the market quotation at the time of the sale or purchase made in conformity with the orders of the principal.
The commission agent is entitled to exercise his claims specified in Article 582 even in the case specified in the preceding paragraph.
Article 588
In cases where the commission agent is entitled to be himself the seller or buyer, if he notifies the principal of the conclusion of the contract without disclosing the name of other party, he is deemed to have assumed personally the obligations of such other party.