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Title: Civil Code CH
Category: Ministry of Justice(法務部)
Part Ⅱ Obligations
Chapter II Particular Kinds Of Obligations
Section 7 - Hire of Services
Article 482
A contract of hire of services is a contract whereby the parties agree that one of them shall service for a fixed or undefined period to the other party, and the latter shall pay remuneration.
Article 483
Remuneration is deemed to have been agreed upon, if according to the circumstances the service is not to take place without remuneration.
If the amount of the remuneration is not agreed upon, the remuneration shall be paid according to a tariff. If there is not the tariff, the remuneration shall be paid according to customs.
Article 483-1
The employee performs the services, under circumstances his life, body, health may be endangered, the employer shall prevent by necessary means according to such circumstance.
Article 484
The employer shall not transfer his right of the services to a third party without the consent of the employee, and the employee cannot make a third party perform the services in his place without the consent of the employer.
If either party violates the provision of the preceding paragraph, the other party may terminate the contract.
Article 485
If the employee either expressly or impliedly warrants that he has special skill, the employer may terminate the contract if without such skill.
Article 486
The remuneration shall be paid at the agreed deadline, if, in the absence of an agreement, according to customs. In the absence of an agreement and customs, the following rules shall be applied:
(1) If the remuneration is fixed by periods, it shall be paid at the end of each period.
(2) If the remuneration is not fixed by periods, it shall be paid at the end of the services.
Article 487
If the employer delays accepting the services, the employee may demand for his remuneration without being bound to perform the service subsequently. The employer may, however, deduct from the amount of the remuneration the expenses that the employee has saved by non-performance and what the employee has gained, or could have gained but for his intentional omission, by performing services to other persons.
Article 487-1
When employee performing the services incurs an injury, he may demand to the employer for the injury, if, owing to circumstance for which he is not responsible.
If there is someone else who shall be responsible for the injury prescribed in the preceding paragraph, the employer may make a claim against this person for reimbursement.
Article 488
If the duration of hire of services is fixed, the contract of hire of services terminates with the end of that duration.
If the duration of hire of services is not fixed or can not be fixed in accordance with the nature or purpose of services, either party may terminate the contract at any time, however, if customs is in favor of the employee, such customs shall be followed.
Article 489
Even though the duration of the hire of services has been agreed upon, either party may, in the event of any serious occurrence, terminate the contract before the end of such duration.
If the occurrence as specified in the preceding paragraph be due to the negligence of one of the parties, the other party may demand for the injury from him.