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Title: Legal Aid Act CH
Category: Judicial Yuan(司法院)
Chapter 6 Supplemental Provisions
Article 61
To assist legal aid affairs, the court may submit a request to appropriate real estate of non-public property for use by the Foundation.
Article 62
The Foundation shall establish the rules governing the funding management between the Foundation and Chapter and their utilization of the funding.
Article 63
When an indigent person who has been approved for legal aid by the Chapter applies in forma pauperis in a litigation or non-litigation proceeding, unless obviously meritless, the court should grant the application, and the provisions of Article 108 of the Taiwan Code of Civil Procedure do not apply.
Article 64
All persons who have engaged in the business pertinent to legal aid under this Act, and become aware of the legal aid applicant’s secrecy or private matters, shall have the duty of confidentiality and shall not disclose or publicize the client’s secrecy or private matters without the client’s consent or some legitimate reasons.
Article 65
When an officer of the court, a judicial police officer, an officer of the martial court, or a lawyer who is handling a legal dispute, finds out that his or her client is eligible to apply legal aid under this Act, the officer of the court, the judicial police officer of the martial court, or lawyer shall inform his or her client to apply legal aid pursuant to this Act.
Article 66
The legal aid lawyer shall inform the legal aid recipient, after the end of investigation or at the end of each instance trial, of the statutory period of remedy.
Article 67
If the Chapter considers the legal aid recipient’s case will probably prevail, and it is necessary to apply to the court for an injunction to preserve the status quo or make an application to the court for suspension of the compulsory execution, the Chapter may submit a letter of guarantee to substitute the deposit or partial deposit the legal aid recipient is obligated to pay to the court for the injunctive relief, maintaining the temporary status quo and suspension of the compulsory execution he or she applies.
If the cause for submitting the letter of guarantee as described in the preceding paragraph disappears, the Chapter may request, on the Chapter's own behalf, that the court return the letter of guarantee.
Article 68
The effective date of this Act shall be decided by the Judicial Yuan.