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Title: Act for the Establishment and Management of Free trade zones CH
Category: Ministry of Transportation and Communications(交通部)
Chapter VIII Supplementary Provisions
Article 45
In order to maintain the surrounding environment of a free trade zone and the security of its public facilities, and to perform its functional duties as specified in paragraph one, Article 9 of this Act, the management authority of the free trade zone may charge the free-trade-zone enterprises and the non-free-port enterprises for the management fees, processing fees, and service fees.
The fee schedule set forth in the preceding paragraph shall be prescribed by the management authority of a free trade zone.
In respect of the means of transportation and goods entering and departing a free trade zone, processing fees shall be charged in accordance with Article 101 of the “Customs Act”.
Article 46
This Act shall come into force from the date of its promulgation.

1. The Chinese version rules if any contradiction in meaning exists between the Chinese and the English version.
2. A revision on Paragraph 2, Article 12, will be proposed by the Executive Yuan to the Legislative Yuan for screening in the new legislative session to be held in September of 2003.