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Chapter VIII. Examination
Article 83
The Examination Yuan shall be the highest examination organ of the State and shall have charge of matters relating to examination, employment, registration, service rating, scale of salaries, promotion and transfer, security of tenure, commendation, pecuniary aid in case of death, retirement and old age pension.
Article 84
The Examination Yuan shall have a President and a Vice President and a certain number of Members, all of whom shall be nominated and, with the consent of the Control Yuan, appointed by the President of the Republic.
Article 85
In the selection of public functionaries, a system of open competitive examination shall be put into operation, and examinations shall be held in different areas, with prescribed numbers of persons to be selected according to various provinces and areas. No person shall be appointed to a public office unless he is qualified through examination.
Article 86
The following qualifications shall be determined and registered through examination by the Examination Yuan in accordance with law:
1. Qualification for appointment as public functionaries; and
2. Qualification for practice in specialized professions or as technicians.
Article 87
The Examination Yuan may, with respect to matters under its charge, present statutory bills to the Legislative Yuan.
Article 88
Members of the Examination Yuan shall be above partisanship and shall independently exercise their functions in accordance with law.
Article 89
The organization of the Examination Yuan shall be prescribed by law.