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Title: Labor Standards Act CH
Category: Ministry of Labor(勞動部)
Article 2
The terms used in the Act shall be defined as follows:
1. Worker means a person who is hired by an employer to work for wages.
2. Employer means a business entity which hires workers, the responsible person of business operations, or the person who represents the business owner in handling labor matters.
3. Wage means the remuneration which a worker receives for his/her services rendered, including wages, salaries and bonuses, allowances and any other regular payments regardless of the name which may be computed on an hourly, daily, monthly and piecework basis, whether payable in cash or in kind.
4. Average wage means the figure reached by taking the total wages for the six months preceding the day on which an event requiring that a computation be made occurs, divided by the total number of days in that period. In the case of a period of service not exceeding six months, the term "average wage" means the figure reached by taking the total wages for the service period divided by the total number of days of that period. In the case of wages which are computed on a daily, hourly, or piecework basis, if the "average wage" figure reached according to the preceding formula is less than sixty percent of a figure determined by dividing the total wages for the particular service period by the actual number of work days, the "average wage" in this case shall be the sixty percent figure.
5. Business entity means any entity engaged in any of the business (or industries) that are governed by the Act, which employs workers to do work.
6. Labor contract means an agreement that establishes an employee-employer relationship with subordination to authority.
7. A dispatching entity means an entity engaged in labor-dispatched business.
8. Dispatch-requiring entity means an entity that is actually supervising and managing a dispatched worker doing his/her job in accordance with a dispatch-requiring contract.
9. Dispatched worker means a worker who is employed by a dispatching entity but actually works for the dispatch-requiring entity.
10. Dispatch-requiring contract means an agreement concerning labor-dispatched matters between a dispatch-requiring entity and a dispatching entity.
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