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Chapter Law Content

Title: Medical Care Act CH
Category: Ministry of Health and Welfare(衛生福利部)
Chapter V Advertisements for Medical Care
Article 84
Non-medical care institutions shall not make advertisements for medical care.
Article 85
The content of advertisements for medical care shall be restricted to the following:
1. The name, practice license number, address, and telephone number of, and directions to, the medical care institution;
2. The name, sex, academic background, professional experience, and physician or specialist physician certificate number of the physician;
3. Hospitals or clinics contracted or associated with the National Health Insurance or other non-commercial insurances;
4. Clinic practices and clinic hours;
5. The year, month, and date of the opening, suspension, close, resumption, or relocation of practice;
6. Other items approved and announced by the central competent authority for publication or broadcast.
Advertisements for medical care may orally present the content referred to in the preceding Paragraph through broadcast or television media with the approval of the respective municipal or county(city) competent authority.
Information provided by medical care institutions through the internet shall not be restricted by content limitations provided for in the preceding Paragraph, with exception to the conditions provided for in Paragraph 2 of Article 103. The regulations regarding management of advertisements for medical care on the internet shall be determined by the central competent authority.
Article 86
Advertisements for medical care shall not be made in any of the following manners:
1. To publicize by making use of the name of other person(s);
2. To publicize by sale or gift of medical publications;
3. To publicize by making known family trade secrets or by public question and response;
4. To publicize by making use of content contained in medical publications;
5. To publicize by means of releasing an interview or news report;
6. To publicize in association or side-by-side with advertisements in violation of the preceding Paragraph;
7. To publicize by any other improper means.
Article 87
Advertisements containing content which implies or suggests medical practices shall be regarded as advertisements for medical care.
Publications of new medical knowledge or research results, health education for patients, or academic publications which do not involve solicitation for medical practices shall not be regarded as advertisements for medical care.
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