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Chapter Law Content

Title: Medical Care Act CH
Category: Ministry of Health and Welfare(衛生福利部)
Chapter VII Teaching Hospitals
Article 94
For the purpose of improving medical standards, hospitals may apply for accreditation to become teaching hospitals.
Article 95
The accreditation of teaching hospitals shall be regularly conducted by the central competent authority in conjunction with the central competent education authority.
The central competent authority shall notify in writing the teaching hospital which applied for accreditation of the accreditation result, and shall release a bulletin of the list of qualified teaching hospitals, terms of validity, and other particulars.
Article 96
Teaching hospitals shall draft a training plan, to conduct the training and continuing education of physicians and other medical personnel, and shall accept students of medical universities and colleges for practical clinical training and internship.
The number of physicians, medical personnel, and students of medical universities and colleges referred to in the preceding Paragraph shall be in accordance with the approved training capacity.
Article 97
Teaching hospitals shall prepare an annual budget for research and development and professional training, which shall account for at least three percent (3%) of the total annual medical revenue of said teaching hospital..
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