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Chapter Law Content

Title: Physicians Act CH
Category: Ministry of Health and Welfare(衛生福利部)
Chapter 2 Practice
Article 8
Physicians may only practice medicine after having applied to have their practice registered by the competent authority in the municipality or county (city) where they practice medicine and obtained a practice license.
Practicing physicians shall receive continuing education and submit documentary proof of completed continuing education every six years in order to renew their practice license. However, if, for any special reason, physicians are unable to apply for renewal before their practice license expires, they shall apply to the authority that issued their practice license for postponing the renewal by submitting their reason in writing and supporting documents. After obtaining approval, they may apply for renewal within six months from the expiration date.
Regulations regarding the qualifications, conditions, and documents required for practice license applications, as mentioned in the first paragraph, the issue, renewal, and reissue of practice licenses, practice license renewal as mentioned in the preceding paragraph, and other matters to be adhered to shall be established by the central competent authority.
Regulations regarding the contents, credits, and implementation of the continuing education for physicians, as set forth in the second paragraph, documentary proof of completed continuing education, and other matters to be adhered to shall be established by the central competent authority in consultation with relevant medical associations.
Article 8-1
In any of the following circumstances, the practice license shall not be issued; any license already issued shall be revoked or cancelled:
1. A physician certificate has been revoked or cancelled.
2. A physician practice license was cancelled within one year.
3. The physician has been determined by a team of specialist physicians and scholars/experts invited by the municipal or county (city) competent authority to be unable to practice due to objective facts.
After the cause listed in subparagraph 3 of the preceding paragraph is eliminated, the physician may still apply for practice license in accordance with this Act.
Article 8-2
Physicians shall practice in a medical organization, long-term care service organization, or a psychiatric rehabilitation organization approved by and registered with the local competent authority or approved by the competent central authority. However, people acting under one of the following conditions are exempt:
1. Performing first aid.
2. Consulting with or supporting other medical institutions.
3. Being called out to visit patients by request.
4. Providing emergency or public health medical services assigned by competent authorities of all levels.
5. Being involved in other matters that have been reported to and approved by local competent authorities.
Article 9
Practicing physicians shall join the local medical association.
Medical Associations may not refuse anyone with sufficient qualifications to join the association.
Article 10
Physicians discontinuing or suspending operations shall submit a report to the authority issuing the practice license for its reference within 30 days of the day of discontinuing or suspending operations.
The duration for the suspension mentioned in the previous paragraph is limited to 1 year. Physicians who suspend operations for over a year shall register their discontinuation of their operations within 30 days from the first day of the second year.
When physicians do not register their discontinuation of their operations according to the regulations detailed in the second half of the previous paragraph, their practice license will become ineffective, and the authority issuing the practice license shall cancel the practice license.
Regulations in Article 8, paragraph 1 relating to practice shall apply to physicians changing practice location or reestablishing operations.
When a physician dies, their practice license shall be canceled by the issuing institution.
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