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Category: Ministry of Economic Affairs(經濟部)
Chapter II Invention Patent
Section 6 Payment of Fees
Article 92
With respect to each request for patent-related matters, the requestor shall pay fees at the time of filing.
For a granted invention patent, the patentee shall pay a patent certificate fee and patent annuities. If extension or prolongation of patent term is allowed, patent annuities shall still be paid during the extended or prolonged patent term.
Article 93
Time period for payment of annuity
The annuity for an invention patent shall be paid starting from the publication date. Payment of the first-year annuity shall be made pursuant to the provision set forth in Paragraph 1, Article 52 hereof, while the payment of the second-year annuity and the annuities thereafter shall be made before the period thereof expires.
The annuity for several years may be paid at one time. Under such circumstance, if the annuity rate is adjusted upward, the patentee concerned will not be required to pay the deficit.
Article 94
Addition of annuity
If the annuity for the second or any subsequent year is not paid within the specified time period, a late payment can be made within six (6) months after the original due date with a specified percentage addition.
The additional annuities based on the specified percentage addition as stated in the preceding paragraph means that the additional annuity shall be paid depending on the amount of time elapsed from the original due date. For every month that has elapsed, an additional fee at a ratio of 20% shall be paid; the maximum of the additional fee shall be the same as the amount originally due. The elapsed time from one day to one month shall be deemed as one month.
Article 95
Reduction of annuity
Where the patentee of an invention patent is a natural person, school or small and medium enterprise, the patentee may request for a reduction of patent annuity with the Specific Patent Agency.
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